Stills from the video
Two-channel, color, sound

Crescent x Hunter Street examines the slow and almost imperceptible process of gentrification around Court Square in Long Island City, an area caught between neighborhoods that have been gentrified and those that have been left behind. Through a series of photographs and a video, the project exposes the silent, pervasive processes of gentrification and the inaudible noise of restructuration. While this is specific in the location, it also exemplifies a microcosm of the constant changes from socio-economic shifts.

In order to encapsulate the sensibility of the place, the project restages a famous scene from Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt, in which the married couple, Paul and Camille, goes through a drawn-out, subdued, and yet intense quarrel around love. In addition, this scene is layered with extreme close-ups of the textures of the area and shots of dancers roaming around the streets with slow, deliberate movements and gestures.

Click here for the link and password to watch the full video online.

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Photos from Crescent x Hunter Street
Inkjet prints, 2014